June 1, 2012

Blog Changes: States in / or not in Compliance w/SORNA

6-1-2012 National:

A few changes have been made, first a SPECIAL graphic will be used when a state, that is considered SORNA compliant, anticipates or actually makes a change in their law which might affect whether or not they are in compliance w/SORNA; that graphic is below.

Next, at the top of the two news blogs (soon all blogs) you will now see:

SORNA Compliance: States in Compliance States w/Questionable Compliance

The first link will take you to a page where we keep track of SMART Office announcements as to compliance. The second link will bring up all the news articles showing when a state, which SMART Office considers compliant, anticipates or actually makes some change in their law which then questions whether or not they are in compliance w/SORNA.

At this time we only show two news articles (Kansas and Missouri) and there is something else very unusual which we described in PART-IV of our series Behind Closed Doors "The Alabama Factor" as we have coined it. Alabama's mechanism for assigning tiers (ONE ONLY) we believe places them in question. See PART-IV for explanation of The Alabama Factor.

Finally, if anyone knows of other news items showing states IN COMPLIANCE, anticipating / enacting something into law, which would bring their compliance into question, PLEASE send me the link and I will post it for everyone to know about.

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.

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