June 1, 2012

Missouri Legislators Will Revisit Sex Offender Registry Next Year

Currently Missouri is SORNA Compliant. So, if the proposed change (not currently permitted by SORNA) is enacted into law, will Missouri continue to be considered compliant?
6-1-2012 Missouri:

KTHS is reporting that legislation in the 2012 session that would have made significant changes to the state’s sex offender registry will not become law. The legislation had overwhelming support in the House. It was however, blocked in the Senate.

Lawmakers in both parties now say they will support the issue again in 2013.

The proposal would have removed some people guilty of minor offenses from the registry altogether, and established a tiered system by which those convicted of crimes that are more serious could apply to be removed from it with a judge’s approval.

The bill never went to a hearing in the Senate. Attempts to amend it to other legislation also failed. ..Source.. by KTHS / Kristen Dornburg

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Life of an Addict said...

The tier portion of the bill was removed. That is why I question how Missouri is compliant. They don't have a tier system of any sort!