June 4, 2012

Legislation for more frequent photos of registered sex offenders passes Assembly, heads to Senate

6-4-2012 New York:

Sex offenders could soon have their picture taken every 90 days as a proposal for new legislation hast passed the state Assembly Corrections Committee.

The bill comes after serial rapist Robert Blainey eluded police because his mug shot looked nothing like him. Blainey raped and killed Linda Turner in the north Utica motel she owned.

Currently, Level 3 sex offenders report every 90 days to law enforcement to verify their address. Under the proposed legislation introduced, a photo would be taken during that report. That photo would then be forwarded to the Division of Criminal Justice Services so that if police are putting out a mugshot of the offender, it would be less than 90 days old, provided the offender reported.

The photo proposal still needs to pass in the senate before heading to the governor's desk. ..Source.. by WKTV News

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