June 2, 2011

Senate Passes Runner's Bill To Require Sex Offenders To Give Up Social Networking Addresses

These lawmakers do not have an ounce of proof that ALL registrants seek children when on a social network, its more bolder-dash and the rest of the lawmakers simply go along with them. Its time for the ACLU to take a stand showing the falsehood of lawmaker claims.
6-2-2011 California:

Convicted sex offenders may soon have to give their Facebook, MySpace and any other social network accounts to law enforcement officials along with their residential address each year.

The California Senate today passed legislation to make this a requirement with a vote of 32-2 in favor.

“Social networks have become a central part of our children’s lives and sex offenders are going there to lure them,” said Senator Sharon Runner. “Just as they have to register their physical whereabouts, it follows that they must also make known where they go in cyber space.”

Senate Bill 57, introduced by Runner, will require all registered sex offenders to disclose their online social network addresses as part of their annual registration requirement.

This measure is based on New York State’s E-STOP Law. Illinois has also adopted a similar law.

SB 57 simply adds a data field to the sex offender registration form which already requires sex offenders to annually register their residence, workplace, and vehicle information.

Under this measure, no one will be denied access to social networking websites.

Runner believes that her legislation will give sex offenders reason to think before engaging in predatory practices on the Internet.

In presenting her bill, Runner reminded her colleagues that John Albert Gardner, who confessed last year to the rape and murders of teenagers Chelsea King and Amber Dubois, had a MySpace page with graphic descriptions of sex acts.

The last time Gardner accessed this website was the day before Chelsea’s murder.

Senate Bill 57 now moves to the Assembly for its consideration. ..Source.. by KHTS 1220.com


Anonymous said...

Where is the Senator's evidence that shows that registered offenders use social networking sites to lure children? John Albert Gardner was not on a registry when he committed his crimes. Once again, the goal of this legislation is to create pitfalls that will ultimately land offenders back in jail for violating yet another arbitrary registration requirement. I can't help but think that these laws are created as a vehicle to put offenders away, without having to actually push for draconian sentencing that the public would not support.

Anonymous said...

With California going through a very serious financial crisis how are LEA suppose to track all SOR and there activities ?.All this adds up to is political grand standing and there useing children as there scape goat along with sex offenders.When will these idiots learn ?.

Chance said...

"Under this measure, no one will be denied access to social networking websites."

And yet, should this information be obtained, the social network will turn around and shut down the person's profile or page, in effect denying them access.

This is another one of those de facto laws.

NebraskaRSO said...

Nebraska already requires this.

Don T said...

Is this woman so out of touch that she doesn't realize these places already ban anybody on the sex offender registry? Who, exactly, does she imagine is going to turn in their illegal account IDs to the police? Please....

Anonymous said...

Smart parents know that if thier children are targeted by a "PREDITOR" the chance of it being someone on the register is about 10%. The other 90% are all the rest of society using these social networking sites. Estimate : about 500 million people. Then what about cyber bullies, mean class mates and thier mothers, to name a few. Lawmakers say with pride "We have a handle on this, just look at all the laws we are getting passed against the scum of our society"
They need to remember only 10% of this "SCUM" is on one of thier registries. The other 90% are... well... living among among them undetected.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that some people like this woman lives in a bubble. She needs to read and be educated or she is like the rest of the sheep. But her lack of knowledge hurts all the families which have someone who must register. When will they take their heads out of the sand?