June 1, 2011

House passed sex offender bill clears Senate committee

6-1-2011 Louisiana:

Certain sex offenders would be banned from social networking websites and chat rooms under a bill approved Tuesday by a state Senate committee.

The measure, House Bill 55, cleared the Senate Judiciary C Committee without objection and next faces a vote on the Senate floor.

It has already passed the Louisiana House.

The legislation would apply to registered sex offenders convicted of indecent behavior with a juvenile, pornography involving juveniles and other offenses.

Violators would face fines of up to $10,000 and 10 years in prison.

The same committee approved another bill that would force convicted sex offenders who are 60 and older to pay $18 for an annual state identification card. The state now provides such cards free to those 60 and older.

The state has 685 registered sex offenders who fit that profile, said state Rep. Bobby Ba-don, D-Carencro and sponsor of the bill.

The measure is House Bill 187. ..Source.. by Will Sentell


Anonymous said...

There are words i would like to use but i know it will bedeleted so all i can say for that state is God have mercy on all those who are on the registry.No child will be any safer but i can see where the senate is going for the votes.

Anonymous said...

If it will save one child....
Who could say no to that.
You know what could have saved more than one child?? If social networks were forced by law to actually ENFORCE thier exsisting
age requirements. Better yet, all lawmakers should raise the legal age to use a social network to 18.
Remember "if it saves one child"?
Rememember the many children that have already been harmed or committed suicide (as published by our media for many years). But we all know this would never happen.
Why? The public would say " you can continue to persecute sex offenders until they are all gone!"
" But don't you dare touch my kids social networking priveleges".

Anonymous said...

In addition to the above.....
You know it just struck me.
According to many verified and TRUTHFULL studies, the only good information the public can actually receive from the sex offender registries is that there is more than a 90% chance that the people they are looking up WILL NEVER harm thier children or anyone elses; EVER!!! The public desperately needs to understand that if any harm is EVER done to thier children (god forbid) it would be from a loved one,trusted one, or someone who has yet to be placed on the registry due to conviction.