June 1, 2011

Law officers to begin delivery of binders containing photos of local sex offenders

What lame-brain came up with this interpretation, this is nothing but a complete waste of taxpayer money. My guess is, someone owns a company that is getting paid to do this. Further, schools and everyone else already has a picture of all registered offenders; its called the Public Registry, no one is denied access to it.

In reality a printed copy violates the principle behind the public registry. ie. Current information. How easy is it to get a hair cut, dye hair, put makeup on, etc. Such makes the printed book obsolete before it is even distributed. How do the people making these lame-brain decisions get elected?
6-1-2011 Georgia:

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Authorities in the Savannah area are preparing to deliver binders with photos of the nearly 400 sex offenders living in Chatham County to area public and private schools, libraries and some other public buildings.

WTOC-TV reports that the Chatham County Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Registration and Tracking Unit deputies will start delivering the binders on Wednesday.

The state now requires every sheriff's office to provide printed photographs of every sex offender to all schools, libraries, police stations and public buildings. ..Source.. by Daily Reporter


Anonymous said...

Why would the city of Savannah feel this is necessary if the public registry was supposed to be the optimum method of informing the public? Because the registry does not work. What about all the other threats to childrens security
out there? It appears that all branches of government are so FIXATED on sex offenders they would hardly have the time or money to do much else. The PUBLIC,
however, most often check the registry out of boredom or think it is amusing to "look people up and make fun of them" Is this really protecting our kids???

Anonymous said...

What they need to do is charge a fee to be a Megans Law troll and then you would see a lower rate of people wanting to visit.As for Georgia they suck !

Anonymous said...

Changes such as this are incrementally tightening the grip around offenders. I heard on the radio yesterday that Ohio once tried to implement a requirement for pink license plates on vehicles registered to offenders. What purpose could that have possibly served except to make offenders targets of vigilante justice, including those innocent ones that share the vehicle with the offender? Ludicrous.