June 2, 2011

New Binders Used to Identity Sex Offenders

Unbelievable, now they have come up with a way to UPDATE the binders, but who is going to check on whether or not that is being done? I know, hire another officer to check binders. Look at what they spent to print these useless binders: $15,000 and no funding from the State, is there any truth to the claim that, the state requires these binders. We can find NONE this is a local yokel interpretation.

Note how the article closes, one can check the website, well what are the binders for? This is absolute proof that all squirrels are not in trees, someone needs their head examined. I am going to guess that, someone in this Sheriff's office does not understand the purpose of COMPUTERS, s/he is technology challenged. Oh yes, what happens when someone takes a handful of the pages? i.e., steals them.. Who fixes the binder...how does one spell STUPID IDEA?
6-2-2011 Georgia:

(Savannah,GA) It's not something most people would want to look at, but it is another tool now available for people to learn if a sex offender may live in their neighborhood. Today, Chatham County Sheriff deputies began delivering 110 binders filled with the names, pictures and addresses of area registered sex offenders.

Sheriff Al St. Lawrence says the collection of information for the binders along with their delivery fulfills a new state law. The binders will be available for view at all public and private schools, as well as local colleges, City Halls and public libraries. "Particularly the public libraries if people want to go there and go through the books they can do so. And the board of education as well as private schools, and they will be able to keep up with what's going on as far as sex offenders are concerned," said St. Lawrence.

While the information is currently available online, St. Lawrence says the binders should help make citizens more aware. Yet he does say that awareness comes at a cost. While state mandated, he says the state provided no funding for the project, which cost about $15,000. He says updating the binders will also be a local expenses.

Each binder is up to 400 pages. Each page shows a picture, name and address of an area registered sex offender. Officials say if an offender is added to the registry or a registered offender's address changes, they have a process in place to update the binders pretty easily. "We'll send an actual emaiI and then the contact person (at the school or library) will actually replace the old page with the new information," says Deputy Rhonda Bryant Elelby, who worked on lining up all the contacts who would receive the binders. "When someone gets an email update, they can just take the old page out and insert it with the new page," she says.

"Not everyone has access to a computer so they now actually have the website per se at their fingertips where they can go and flip through the books," says Bryant Elelby.
The community can also access photos of the sex offenders in Chatham County and received e-mail alerts about sex offenders who move into their neighborhood by visiting the CCSO website. ..Source.. by JoAnn Merrigan


Anonymous said...

I suggest asking Deputy Rhonda Bryant Elelby for a list of the contacts who will be managing the binders. Then, in a year or so, I'd survey these folks to see just how many people have come asking to look through them. Maybe they should include a sign-in sheet as the first page, to log who has looked at it. I'd wager that the only folks that will look at these will be the binder managers and their immediate co-workers. Don't all these locations (especially the libraries) already have computers and Internet access?

Robin said...

Okay, I think I've got it. The sheriff is spending huge bucks of his departments budget to print off the entire registry and make it available at schools, private schools, libraries and colleges; all places THAT NORMALLY HAVE COMPUTERS! AND WIFI! Well guys, you gotta see this from the sheriff's point of view. If you are going to have a black list to soak up the most public funds and create the greatest amount of social damage, you cannot leave out a single grandmother who might accidentally tip a grocery bagging sex offender at the market. When destroying your community, you gotta go the extra mile. But he is missing the real potential. Why isn't the registry anywhere translated into Braille? And what about translations into other languages for non-English speakers. We gotta get it out to everyone! I am going to contact Sheriff St. Lawrence personally and complain. It needs to be in malls, restaurants and coffee shops. Anywhere that people gather. The video terminals at Wal-Mart registers need to be flashing these pages while people are waiting in line. Let's see how far he will go with this.