September 10, 2010

Federal Marshals Crack Down On Local Sex Offenders

This is so pointless on several levels: First, all the registry is, is a list w/pics of where registrants sleep a few hours of the day/night. How does that protect anyone? Secondly, look at the cost of these multiagency address checks; what a waste of taxpayer money and never a dime for therapy which is proven to be helpful to society.

Remember this, since it has been reported time and time again, that only 5.3% of former offenders are arrested within 3 years of release, that also means that, 95%+ of what these Marshals and local agencies are doing is ABSOLUTE WASTE. WHY do this, it makes no sense?
9-9-2010 Maine:

The United States Marshal Service is teaming up with local law enforcement agencies to track the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders.

As part of a new initiative called Operation Guardian, a team of law enforcement officials go door to door in local communities to make sure registered sex offenders are keeping their work and home addresses up to date in the sex offender registry.

Operation Guardian led to five arrests in Portland on Thursday alone. ..Source.. by News 13

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