September 9, 2010

Schwarzenegger signs sex-offender law named for murdered Naperville teen

Another ill conceived law that will not prevent the crime which it was enacted because of. Further, given its hate component and resulting excessive sentences will ultimately be declared unconstitutional. Hate-based laws do not protect the public, they merely satisfy the whims of certain folks.
9-9-2010 California:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed legislation that will lock up some convicted sex offenders for life.

Chelsea's Law was signed Thursday. It's named for 17-year-old former Naperville resident Chelsea King, who was murdered in San Diego in February.

A convicted child molester was sentenced to life in prison without parole less than three months later for killing King and 14-year-old Amber Dubois.

Schwarzenegger signed the bill at San Diego’s Balboa Park alongside Chelsea’s parents, Brent and Kelly King, and the sponsor, Republican Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher of San Diego.

The Kings, who moved from Naperville to San Diego in 2007, have returned to Naperville to raise their son, Tyler, 14 after Chelsea's murder.

The murder of their 17-year-old daughter wass the driving force behind Chelsea's Law, a proposal that includes a one-strike provision for the most violent sex offenders; lengthier prison terms for forcible sex crimes, and restrictions on sex offenders' ability to enter parks.

The Kings plan to lobby for similar legislation elsewhere, envisioning Chelsea's Law in all 50 states.

Before Chelsea was killed, Kelly King said she took it for granted that the law would protect her family.

"Be aware. Don't be comfortable," she advised parents last month. "This happened to us in a community where no one thought it could happen." ..Source.. FROM WIRE AND STAFF REPORTS


Anonymous said...

And what if Chelsea was killed by a drunk driver would that have changed anything ? And where is the money going to come from ? we all know its not going to be cheap and especially if it goes to all the other 49 states.

Spread The Word Florida said...

These sex offender laws are not designed to protect ANYONE!

They are only there to make a politician(s) look like they are tough on SO's. This way they get a vote.

Don't you people understand that the politician's KNOW about the collateral damage done to our families as well as to the rest of our lives????