September 10, 2010

Sex offender pamphlets anger the sex offender

Read all the way to the end, the cause may surprise you..
9-9-2010 Delaware:

A Kent County sex offender became angry when a 25 year old Maryland woman was distributing pamphlets about a neighborhood Tier 3 sex offender – 41 year old Gary Biron of Dover – when Biron confronted her. Biron threatened to kill the woman and punched her in the face while waving a wrench at her. The woman was able to get away and call for help. When State Police arrived at Biron’s home – he resisted arrest and hit one trooper with a chair. Biron is charged with numerous offenses and is free on $4000 secured bond.

Dover-Wednesday September 8, 2010 around 3:00 p.m. Delaware State Police responded to the unit block of Richard Blvd Dover, Delaware. Delaware State Police was initially responding to a disorderly complaint, which turned violent.

Delaware State Police contacted a 25 year old Maryland woman and learned she was confronted by Gary Biron-53 of Dover as she was distributing pamphlets regarding his Sex Offender status. The victim was leaving the pamphlets in Biron’s neighbors mailboxes. The pamphlets were from the State of Delaware Sex Offenders website which is a public website which everyone has access to. The pamphlet was a print out from the Sex Offender’s website displaying Biron’s status as a Tier III High Risk Sex Offender.

The altercation then escalated with Biron grabbing a pamphlet out of the victim’s
hand and threatening to kill the victim. Biron next punched the victim in the face
with his fist. Biron also is alleged to have been brandishing a wrench in his other
hand at the time of the physical altercation.

The victim attempted to call 911; however Biron took the victim’s cellular phone and threw it to the ground causing damage to it. The victim next was able to drive away from the scene at which time she dialed 911 for emergency assistance.

Troopers after obtaining the victims version of the complaint, then attempted to
make contact with Biron at his residence to place him under arrest. Troopers
contacted Biron at the front of his residence and attempted to take him into
custody. Biron turned and ran back into his residence with two Troopers giving
chase. As the 1st Trooper a 43 year old male; 12 year veteran attempted to take
Biron into custody, Biron swung and narrowly missed striking the Trooper. Biron
next picked up a wooden chair and began to swing it at the 1st Trooper and 2nd
Trooper a 49 year old male; 21 year veteran both out of Troop 3. The chair struck the 2nd Trooper on the arm and chest. The 2nd Trooper sustained a minor bruise however did not require medical treatment. The 2nd Trooper was then able to take the chair away from Biron and he was then placed in handcuffs.

Biron was taken to Delaware State Police Troop 3 Woodside and charged with the over listed offenses. Biron was released after posting $4,000 secured bond through a bail bonds company.

NOTE: The relationship between the victim and defendant is that Biron dates the victim’s mother. The victim was upset over an unknown altercation between Biron and her mother. ..Source.. by


Anonymous said...

Interesting twist this has this is the kind of thing made for tv movies are made of.

George said...

Isn't it illegal to put things into people's mailboxes??? (Unless, of course, it's your own mailbox)
I thought only the USPS is allowed to do that.
If it is illegal, then this lady needs to be charged.

FAIR said...

It is true about putting things into mailboxes. However, I think it is MORE illegal to threaten to kill someone, or swing wooden chairs at police officers. This guy has some screws loose.

Anonymous said...

Or he is like many who are tired of the oppression done by the goverment and news media and this was the straw that broke the camels back.

Just another SO said...

I think what is most interesting is the last paragraph. About the guy dating the victim's mother, and she being upset about some undisclosed altercation between the two. She's using the registry as a way to retaliate against the guy, which is an illegal use of the registry. The 'victim' needs to be charged with that crime.

This is just another example of the unforseen consequences of the registry being open to the public. Anybody with a grudge can make use of it to make the RSO's live a living hell. The registry needs to be done away with, or at least restricted to law enforcement personel. Employment background checks, which are common place these days, would 'protect' places like daycares, schools, and the like, from 'accidentally' hiring a RSO.