January 13, 2017

Texas legislator aims to block sex offenders from getting pen pals

1-13-17 Texas:

A Texas lawmaker is seeking to have sex offenders barred from advertising for pen pals online. State Rep. Matt Shaheen, R-Plano, is pushing a measure requiring the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to impose a rule stopping any advertisements by inmates required to register as sex offenders.
It's a common refrain online: An inmate posts a want ad seeking a pen pal while describing themselves in the most flattering terms someone behind bars can come up with.
The inmates often described the loneliness of being incarcerated. But, few, if any, ever disclose why they are behind bars on sites like WriteAPrisoner.com or Prisoninmatepenpal.com.

Someone choosing to correspond with them could end up writing to a person convicted of most any crime.

But, that may be a bit more limited under House Bill 821 as lawmakers return to Austin on Tuesday to begin the next legislative session. ..Source.. by STAFF

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