January 13, 2017

Rules Committee Votes Down Ban on Legislators Having Sex with Pages and Interns

1-13-17 South Dakota:

The Joint Legislative Procedure Committee voted 9–5 today to reject a rule barring legislators from having sex with pages and interns.

Senator Stace Nelson (R-19/Fulton) offered this amendment to the Joint Rules of the Legislature:
1B-3.1 Sexual contact prohibited. No legislator or legislative employee may have sexual contact with any legislative intern or page.
Senator Nelson said this amendment is required to ensure the Legislature fulfills its “obligation to ensure a workplace that is free from any type of sexual harassment, coercion, etc.”

During questioning, Senator Blake Curd (R-12/Sioux Falls) drew an analogy to his military experience, saying that it is “good professional behavior to not be involved with people in your chain of command.” However, Senator contended that such behavior is already covered by Joint Rule 1A-4: ..Continued.. by caheidelberger

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