October 13, 2015

Sex offender chemical castration bill defeated in Senate committee

Earlier report is in ERROR "One State Just Announced Plans To Castrate Sex Offenders"
10-13-15 Oklahoma:

On 2-25-15 The OK Senate defeated this bill, and it cannot be brought up again for TWO years!

OKLAHOMA CITY – A Senate panel on Tuesday defeated a measure that would have allowed for the chemical castration of violent sex offenders.

The Senate Judiciary Committee rejected Senate Bill 671 by Sen. Mark Allen, R-Spiro, by a vote of 5-4 with no debate.

The legislation would have applied to sexually violent offenses including rape, rape by instrumentation, lewd or indecent proposals or acts against a child under 16, solicitation of a minor and procuring a minor to participate in pornography.

“A person who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense may, upon first conviction and in addition to any other punishment provided by law, be required to undergo” chemical castration “as part of any condition of release,” the measure states.

After a second or subsequent conviction, the person would be “required to undergo” chemical castration “or other approved pharmaceutical agent treatment as a condition of release, unless after an appropriate assessment, the court determines that the treatment would not be effective,” it says.

Allen described the legislation as a work in progress. He said he wanted it to apply to offenders who are released early, and that it would reduce incarceration by reducing recidivism.

“It is dead in the water for two years,” he acknowledged after the vote by the committee. ..Source.. by BARBARA HOBEROCK World Capitol Bureau

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