October 13, 2015

‘Homeless’ sex offender sentenced for failing to tell police he lives under Augusta bridge

Is it legal to criminalize "where one sleeps" kitchen, living room, bedroom, this bridge vs that bridge when one is homeless?
10-13-15 Maine:

Addam Sheets, formerly of Camden, was required to notify local police within 24 hours of changing his residence.

AUGUSTA — A former Camden man who moved out of his Augusta residence and began living under a bridge in the city pleaded guilty Tuesday to failing to comply with his duty under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

Under the provisions of that act, Addam L. Sheets, 27, was required to notify local police within 24 hours of changing his residence. The offense occurred April 14.

On Tuesday at the Capital Judicial Center, Sheets was sentenced to a two-year fully suspended jail term and placed on probation for two years. He also was ordered to serve five months behind bars for violating probation by committing the new offense.

Sheets was on probation after being convicted in December 2013 in superior court in Knox County of sexual abuse of a minor. He also was convicted in October 2014 in Rockland of a previous count of failing to comply with the sex offender act. He was sentenced to 90 days for the latter offense.

Information on the state’s sex offender registry indicates Sheets is a lifetime registrant.

His new probation will begin once the older one expires, Justice Michaela Murphy told him.

Brad Grant, the defense attorney representing Sheets at the hearing, said not much time remains on the earlier probation.

Sheets had been indicted on the new offense in September.

Sheets listed his address as “homeless” on court papers he signed Tuesday. ..Source.. by Betty Adams

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