October 10, 2015

Now-legal acts could force people onto sex offender registry

10-10-15 Nevada:

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) – It’s a law that’s bringing Nevada's controversial history and the people it touched back to light.

Criminals-no-longer would be criminals again under the Adam Walsh Law, named after the son of the host and founder of “America's Most Wanted,” John Walsh.

Under the federal law, states have to expand their sex offender registry. Everyone prosecuted for a sex crime dating back to 1956 would be categorized into three tiers and registered as sex offenders for 15 years to life.

The idea is to keep tabs on dangerous predators and keep kids safe. But there’s a big problem.

Until 1993, Nevada had a sodomy law that prevented certain sex acts and made it illegal for people of the same sex to have sexual relationships.

Until 2013, Nevada had what’s called the infamous “Crimes Against Nature,” law, which meant sex between two consenting men could land a person in prison.

Although homosexual sex isn't illegal anymore, if Nevada adopts the Adam Walsh Law, anyone convicted of it for the past 60 years would have to register as a sex offender.

“That person is now outed, and everyone can say, ‘Oh, look at this.’ Your employer knows. Your coworker knows family and friends know and it frankly wasn’t their business to know,” said Tod Story of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Story says the group is working on reaching out to the people now at risk for being called a predator. ..Source.. by John Treanor

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