October 10, 2015

Legislation introduced to create registry of child abusers

Michigan already has a "Central Registry" for child abusers, but it is NonPublic. This legislation would now create a Public version. The NonPublic one has many names on it that do not belong, often added are simply folks involved in a investigation who are not abusers. See link above. However, one must know their name is on it first, since they are not told when names go on it; hence MI created a procedure to remove names (see link). This could turn into a big mess if enacted. Many folks needlessly harmed, due to sloppy work by state employees.
10-10-15 Michigan:

LANSING, MI (WNEM) - Legislation that would create a registry of child abusers has been introduced.

Three State Representatives including Vanessa Guerra (D-Saginaw), Derek Miller (D-Warren) and Sarah Roberts (D-St. Clair Shores) are behind “Wyatt’s Law”.

The legislation was prompted by Erica Hammel, a St. Clair Shores resident whose son suffered brain injuries in 2013 after she claims he was shaken by his father’s girlfriend.

Hammel says his abuser, Rachel Edwards, was previously convicted on child abuse charges before her then one-year-old son was assaulted. Hammel says she did not know about Edwards previous convictions.

The proposed registry is designed to give parents the ability to determine if someone could be a danger to their child, similar to the sex offender registry. The registry would be maintained by the Michigan State Police and, like the sex offender registry, would require abusers to update statuses if they move. ..Source.. by Carrie Widenmier

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