February 9, 2015

Proposal Would Further Restrict the Movements of Convicted Sex Offenders

It is clear these folks need an education in correct facts about former sex offenders. Several professional folks and the Dep't of Justice disagree as to who commits sex crimes related to children.
2-9-2015 Texas:

A measure introduced in the Legislature would make it more difficult for convicted sex offenders to live, work, shop, and do almost anything else, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

State Rep Stuart Spitzer (R-Athens) would set up 'Child Safety Zones' which local municipalities could prevent registered sex offenders from entering.

The would include 'a school, day care facility, playground, public or private youth center, public swimming pool, video arcade facility, or other facility that regularly holds events primarily for children.'

Kim Abernathy with the group 'Child Safe' applauds the proposal.

"These individuals have a tendency of repeated offenses, and this would limit them from being around children in their jobs or in their volunteer work," she said.

Spitzer's bill would allow general law municipalities from passing laws preventing people who are on the state's Sex Offender Registry from being within a specified distance of the prohibited locations.

The City of San Antonio two years ago passed an ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from being in public parks, but there were concerns at the time whether the law was constitutional.

"Child abuse and especially child sexual abuse is pretty significant in our community and in our state as well," Abernathy said.

Spitzer's proposal is a constitutional amendment, which would require a vote of the people, and a two thirds vote of the Legislature.

Courts have generally ruled that people who are on sex offender registries, who are individuals who have paid their debt to society in the form of serving a designated prison term or other punishment, can have their movements restricted, but they have rejected efforts to restrict those movements to the point where the individual cannot find a place to live or work. ..Source.. by Shutterstock

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