February 9, 2015

Oklahoma bill: Chemical castration for sex offenders

Castration for a child pornography case. Does this make sense? Study what crimes are considered a "sexually violent offense," and how many others will lawmakers add? And is the bill retroactive? How will the bill affect past offenders now imprisoned; esp if they have more than one past offense? In addition, there is no mention if the treatment will be administered by a qualified psychiatrist, the medicine can be deadly. This bill as worded is a train wreck.
2-9-2015 Oklahoma:

Is chemical castration for violent sex offenders a good idea? According to one Oklahoma senator, the answer is yes.

Sen. Mark Allen is currently pushing Senate Bill 671 through legislation, which would allow violent sex offender to be released from prison early if they voluntarily participate to be chemically castrated.

Chemical castration is a process in which a person is either injected with a medication or takes a tablet that reduces testosterone, decreases sexual interest and makes it impossible for that individual to perform sexual acts.

Allen believes the bill could help resolve the issue of overcrowding in Oklahoma prisons, according to CNN affiliate KOCO.

"They're in there for a reason, and this is going to take the biggest part of the reason away why they're in jail," Sen. Allen told KOCO.

Versions of chemical castrations are currently legal in nine states including California, Florida and Wisconsin; however it is unclear how often the treatment is actually used.

According to CNN affiliate KFVS, the current proposed bill being in Oklahoma would allow first-time offenders to voluntarily participate in the program; however it would become mandatory for repeat offenders.

If passed, the bill could take effect as early as November. ..Source.. by Jackie Taurianen

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