October 6, 2014

Sex offender safety this Halloween season

10-6-2014 Illinois:

QUINCY, ILL. -- Halloween is an evening of collecting candy from homes that line the streets in your neighborhood.

If there are any dangers to your kids like sex offenders, you would know ... or would you?

Connie Walbring is not only a mother, but a grandmother. She says she never thought twice about Halloween and real dangers exist.

"We lived in a safe neighborhood, and my kids just went around the neighborhood and I stayed at home to pass our candy to the rest of the kids," Walbring said.

Adams County States Attorney Jon Barnard says sex offenders are only required to notify the law enforcement agency, they don't have to notify the neighborhood.

"Your address, as well as any change of address, the length of time which you are required to be registered will depend upon the gravity of the offense," Barnard said.

Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer says if a sex offender's victim was under the age of 17 years old, the offender can not participate with Halloween.

"They cannot have their light on, hand out candy, or be dressed up. However, those where the victim was an adult, they can and are allowed to participate in that case."

While Connie is no longer raising her children, Dianne Corzatt is a mom of a 4-month-old boy. She says her family will go to community organized events such as trunk or treats, the Quincy Mall or to a local church to ensure a family friendly atmosphere.

"You just go around to each station and play games instead of trick or treating so you got candy that way. In the world we live into day, that seems like a very good alternate than going house to house," Corzatt said. ..Source.. by David Amelotti

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