October 6, 2014

Residents Concerned Over Sex Offender Group Home in Manchester

Yes, its scary when you live in your imagination, maybe it time for reality? Nothing has ever been reported nor is anything mentioned here, except the imagination of some folks.
10-6-2014 Connecticut:

A home for convicted sex offenders is making neighbors angry in Manchester, and now those upset homeowners plan to voice their concerns at a meeting Monday night.

"Why put them here? Find somewhere else to go. Take them out of our neighborhood please," said neighbor Celestine Hamilton.

The Manchester Town Manager says multiple convicted sex offenders live in a home on Clinton Street, and neighbors can't understand why.

"I want to know why they were put here and no one was told. I have six grandchildren in this house," said Hamilton.

Hamilton says she found out they were living there weeks after the offenders moved in. The town manager says Manchester has a number of group homes and that the Department of Correction, like other agencies, is under no obligation to alert towns when they arrange for the facilities.

Just half a mile away lies Charter Oak Park which is filled with play sets for kids. Also half a mile away is Elisabeth Bennet Academy.

Currently there is no law in Connecticut outlining where convicted sex offenders can reside. Connecticut's ACLU has stated in the past that restricting where offenders live does not deter sex crimes and has had disastrous consequences in other states, forcing them into homelessness or to stop registering in order to avoid arrest.

Still neighbors say they don't want them anywhere near where children play.

"It's so family-oriented around here. It's a little scary knowing something like that is very close," said neighbor Krystal Schlichting.

The meeting with the DOC and neighbors is scheduled to take place Monday night at 6.30 at the East Side Neighborhood Center on Spruce Street. ..Source.. by Jamie Ratliff

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