July 31, 2014

Federal funds targeted for improved sex offender registry

A quarter of a million dollars+ (so far), to know where each sleeps for a few hours of the day or night! And to know names of those in prison and civil commitment facility. What a unbelievable waste of taxpayer money.
7-31-2014 North Dakota:

Federal funds will help enhance the North Dakota attorney general’s sex offender website, according to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

The state is receiving $30,000 for the website, according to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., who announced the grant Tuesday.

Stenehjem said the funding will cover the costs of updating computer software to allow multiple addresses to the sex offender information available to the public through the website. The public will be able to view all residential addresses of a sex offender who moves between a distant job and a home or a school residence and a home.(This helps HOW? Useless info!). Another update will allow users of the website to access information from out-of-state sex offender registries(Why?).

It will help augment funding we get from the state,” Stenehjem said, referring to state money used to program and operate the sex offenders’ website. “The state has spent almost a quarter million dollars over the last 12 years.

Heitkamp said the funds are intended for improvements to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act system, which began during her days as North Dakota attorney general from 1993 to 2001.

“These funds will help enable those efforts to continue by making sure North Dakotans are aware if sexual predators live in their communities,” she said.

Currently, the website displays maps showing the location of the primary residence of a registered sex offender. Offenders are required to notify law enforcement officials when they move or establish new residences. That information is updated to the website in real time, Stenehjem said.

“These will be nice improvements,” he said, referring to the planned changes to the website. “When a source of additional funds comes along you take advantage of it to make the system better.”

The North Dakota sex offender website currently lists 1,805 individuals of which 230 reside in Stutsman County. The Stutsman County total includes those housed at the North Dakota State Hospital, James River Correctional Center and Stutsman County Correctional Center. ..Source.. by Keith Norman

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