August 5, 2013

Family violence registry not online

8-5-2013 Guam:

In the first five months of 2012, 232 people were arrested on allegations of family violence, according to police statistics.

But a list of repeat offenders that could improve the safety of Guam residents across the island is still in the works, nearly three years after it was enacted.

According to a 2011 law, the Office of the Attorney General is required to keep a database of those convicted of at least two family violence offenses.

But almost three years later, the list still has yet to be put up, with the Office of the Attorney General saying they lack the money and manpower needed to get the registry online.

"Guam does have a severe (family violence) problem," said Sen. Dennis Rodriguez, who introduced the 2011 bill that would establish the family violence registry. "Even one is too many."

Rodriguez added that as a father, he has a personal stake in seeing the registry put up, saying that ensuring the safety of his own children catalyzed the effort to have the list established.

Rodriguez said he's been keeping abreast of the attorney general's updates on the project, but said he's "really hoping they can move quicker."

Financial hurdles

Carlina Charfauros, spokeswoman for the AG's office, said the registry is still being pursued, but the office lacks the money and people that could be dedicated to the project.

Charfauros added that behind the scenes, the office has been working with partners both in the mainland and Guam to get the family violence registry up and running.

Locally, she said, they're working with the Guam Judiciary, which maintains the island's sex offender registry. ..continued.. by Cameron Miculka

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