August 5, 2013

Dollar store killings uncover a flaw in sex-offender registry

Notice the blame-shifting cover-up going on here. A State3 employee forgets to do their job, and somehow the registry needs changing to compensate for that, why not just get employees to do their jobs and be responsible. Oh yes, there is no proof that even if the State employee did their job, that it would have prevented this crime.
8-5-2013 Michigan:

The Michigan Department of Corrections is studying ways to improve how the sex-offender registry is updated when an offender is released from prison after officials failed to change information that would have indicated a felon — now accused in two killings — was no longer incarcerated.

Lavere Bryant, a convicted sex offender released from prison in 2011 after serving time on an assault charge, is accused in the July killings of two Family Dollar store employees.

The Corrections Department is working with Michigan State Police “to create a way to improve and enhance this process through the use of technology,” said Russ Marlan, a department spokesman.

Karen Johnson, manager of the sex-offender registry unit, said what happened in Bryant’s case is rare. She said the State Police is working with the Corrections Department to see whether there is a way to make the process more efficient and prevent the mistake from happening again.

If the registry had been updated to show Bryant’s new address or indicate that he was homeless, police would have known he was no longer incarcerated and could have been looking for him after he failed to self-report to law enforcement, as required.

“We rely on the Department of Corrections to make those entries into the system so that we know someone has been released,” Johnson said.

Instead, Bryant remained free.

He landed a job as an assistant manager at a Family Dollar store in Inkster. Earlier this year, employees told the Free Press, Bryant was fired. Last month, authorities allege, he fatally shot 20-year-olds Brenna Machus and Joseph Orlando, both employees of the Family Dollar in Dearborn. Machus’ body was found days later in a wooded area in Dearborn. ..Source.. by Gina Damron

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