January 22, 2013

Legislator: Sex offender bill would create ‘undue burden’

1-22-2013 Missouri:

bill he proposed in the Missouri House requiring real estate agents to warn neighbors when sex offenders purchase homes would put an undue burden on the business, State Rep. Charlie Davis , R-Webb City, agreed Monday.

Davis said the measure won’t advance. But, he said he believes the proposal has sparked “discussion about protecting our kids.

“It’s not going anywhere; that’s apparent,” Davis said of his proposal. “And now that I look at it, I do understand it creates a burden and a liability for the real estate industry.”

The representative said he had heard from a number of people involved in the Jopiin area real estate business and did not disagree with the concerns they raised.

The bill was first read last week, the same week a large contingent of real estate agents from across the state were in Jefferson City for meetings. More than a dozen from the Joplin area discussed the issue when met with Davis as part of a series of capital visits by the group.

“He was very gracious and he understood our concerns,” said Kim Cox, chief executive officer of the Joplin Board of Realtors. ..Source.. by From staff reports ((See Also)))

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