January 23, 2013

Committee passes bill to cut credit time for some offenders

1-23-2013 Indiana:

A bill that would prohibit sex and violent offenders from moving up their prison release dates by earning degrees is now one step closer to becoming a law.

The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee passed Senate Bill 260 with an 8-1 vote and sent it to the Appropriations Committee for further consideration.

Sen. Lonnie Randolph was the lone no vote. He said earning a degree while incarcerated prepares an offender to go back into society. Without the incentive of being released early, fewer people will take the courses.

“Where’s the fairness in that?” asked Randolph.

The bill’s author, Sen. James Merritt, R-Indianapolis, said he was unconcerned with being fair to the criminals.

“For sex offenders and violent offenders there’s no fairness here. I believe those are heinous crimes and should be treated differently I don’t believe that fairness should be involved here,” said Merritt. ...continued.. by Kendra Rhonemus

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