November 20, 2012

Former Will County jail inmate sues sheriff, nurse for revealing his HIV status

11-20-2012 Illinois:

The stress caused by the disclosure has worsened the man’s infection, the lawsuit claims.

The man filed a lawsuit Friday under the name John Doe naming the county, the sheriff and the company contracted to provide medical services to county jail inmates, Correct Care Solutions, LLC., as defendants.

The Illinois Aids Confidentiality Act prohibits anyone who knows the results of someone’s HIV test to tell another person those results.

Joliet attorney William Cassian represents the man, and declined to comment on the lawsuit Monday. Cassian would not provide any information about his client, except to say that the man is no longer in the county jail.

On Nov. 18, 2011, while an inmate of the county jail, the man told a nurse he needed HIV medication. The nurse told him he would have to have someone bring in his medication because the jail would not provide it, the lawsuit said. ..Source.. by Correc Ops

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