April 24, 2012

Female Deputy Sues for $50M After Topless Photos Used in Sting Op Against Pedophiles Allegedly Get Passed Around the Office

I can understand why the police had to have such pics and that the law covering such pics requires proof they are of an adult, not a minor, but the pics should have been without her face. At any rate this is further proof of why folks cannot trust what the police say in a given situation, always get it in writing and signed before complying with whatever it is; someone must be held accountable.
4-24-2012 New York:

Deputy Krystal Rice, from Watertown, New York, is suing her co-workers for $50 million after topless photos she agreed to take as part of a sting operation against pedophiles were allegedly passed around the office, and her superiors reportedly began harassing and “isolating” her.

Rice agreed to take the photos when she was still in training, but only after she signed a contract that gave her ownership of the images. Meant to portray a 15-year old girl, the pictures were reportedly sent to potential pedophiles as “bait.”

However, Rice maintains that despite repeated requests for the CD containing the photos, she has been consistently rebuffed.

Furthermore, according to the 45-page lawsuit, the detective who originally took the photos in 2006 kept the risqu̩ images on his laptopРand may have shown them to everyone in the office.

But the story does not end there.

Detective Cote allegedly began making personal advances at Rice after taking the semi-nude photos, while simultaneously spreading stories about the break-up of her marriage.

Though she primarily ignored him until 2009, after he called the mother of the man she was seeing to say she had “slept with half the [police] department,“ and her son should ”have himself tested“ if he had engaged in ”any sort of contact with her,” she made a complaint at work.

There, she was allegedly told that the office was a “Good ol‘ boy’s club,” and that nothing would change. ..For the remainder of this story: by Erica Ritz

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