September 24, 2011

Michigan Rep. Confirms She Was Target Of Kidnapping Plot

9-24-2011 Michigan:

Plan Hatched By Prison Inmate, Busted By Undercover State Police Officer

DETROIT -- The Department of Corrections and the Michigan State Police have busted an attempted plot to kidnap state Rep. Barb Byrum (D-Onondaga).

The Department of Corrections was tipped off by an inmate who was being released. That inmate said another prisoner wanted Byrum kidnapped and was willing to pay $500,000 to get it done. It is unclear if that money exists or where it would be.

The prisoner's plan was to kidnap Byrum and gain the leverage needed to get Gov. Rick Snyder to release him from prison and pay the $9,700 he owes in restitution.

The DOC notified MSP and the groups set up a sting operation inside the prison.

An MSP officer went undercover and the prisoner proposed the kidnapping plot to him.

Corrections is not releasing the prisoner's identity but has told Local 4 that he was placed in solitary confinement.

The reason Byrum was the target is unclear.

Byrum is in her second term in the Michigan House. She released a statement on the plot Friday night.

"I want to thank the Michigan State Police for uncovering this plot," Byrum said in the statement. "Because this is an ongoing investigation, and to protect the privacy of my family, I will be making no further comments about this matter."

The inmate is scheduled to be charged next week. ..Source.. by ClickOnDetroit

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