September 24, 2011

Marshall County woman in land dispute with sex offender

Do folks in Alabama believe in Title Searchs before buying property?
9-24-2011 Alabama:

GRANT, AL (WAFF) - There is a land dispute in Marshall County between a woman and a convicted sex offender.

He has allegedly moved onto the woman's property without permission.

That's at 588 Newport highway just outside of grant, the property owner told us she's working to get him off her land.

The man was living next door but was picked up in a roundup last month when it was discovered a child was living there.

He then created a residence next door and law enforcement says they cannot do anything about property line disputes.

"That's definitely an issue when you have little girls running around. I mean, you worry about the children," said Karla Hardin, who says the man is on her property.

Hardin said she always worries about sex offenders living near her but she never believed it would be on her own property.

"So he lives in a shed running a power cord from his shed to his wife's single wide," said Hardin.

Sheriff's officials confirmed to WAFF 48 news that Steven Edward Southers was picked up in a recent roundup when it was determined he was living in a mobile home with a child.

But after he made bond, Hardin says he put up a shed she said is 30 feet on her property, so she sought law enforcement to have him removed.

"I went to the courthouse and I've been told to go to civil court over this because it's a property line issue," said Hardin.

Despite having a survey done Wednesday and the property line marked between the structure and his former residence, Hardin says he hasn't left.

For now Hardin told us all she can do is warn the public about who is living on her property with a sign, but she says even that caused trouble.

"Police were out here last night and they left and my sign is still hanging," said Hardin.

Southers said the deeds were messed up years ago and that he's on his own property.

Hardin says she will have to spend her money for civil court to get him off of her property. ..Source.. by Stephen McLamb

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