September 22, 2010

Sex Offender Magazine? Sacramento man publishes sex predator listings

Before this magazine even gets to the stores, it will be out of date and spreading incorrect information. The only place where timely and accurate info is available, is, the state registry. Once you put this info into print, the magazine will become something that is kept around the house and folks will think they know, but the reality is, one minute after press time, it is out of date.

How long does this man think he will be able to do this for FREE? That alone should tell folks, he isn't facing reality and his goals are foolish. Producing anything on paper costs money, what is his source? He wants his 15-minutes of fame and at some point reality will sink in, likely when he sees the first bills for this effort, and then goes bankrupt. The general public will ultimately pay for his foolishness.

Finally, will it contain what the Adam Walsh Act requires? Warnings to the public about the use of what is printed in the magazine. Registrants are entitled to that as a minimum. Further AWA also requires the name and address of who to contact should the information be incorrect. Is he going to be ready to print retractions, explaining his magazine was incorrect at the time it was printed?

The magazine also enables registrants to violate the law, as folks should know, registrants in California are not allowed to view registry information, how will he prevent registrants from obtaining these magazines? He clearly has not thought this out at all, his goal is 15 minutes of fame and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.
9-22-2010 California:

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Sacramento man decided information on sex offenders isn't accessible enough -- and his solution was to create a magazine that makes it all more public than ever.

Corey Wright of Sacramento was browsing the sex offender database created when Megan's Law passed, listing all the area sex offenders, their addresses and offenses.

While clicking through, Wright said he realized not everyone has access to the Internet and eventually, children could be harmed.

"It's overwhelming how many sex offenders there are in Sacramento," said Wright. "I kind of wanted to move the listing of the offenders from the Internet to the coffee table."

To do that, Wright created the 916 edition of Predator Magazine. The pages have color photos of offenders and all the information available on the online database.

Every pages lists at least six offenders.

"You've got the small boxes, but some of them I had to put in big boxes because there were so many charges," he said flipping through the pages.

The first edition is due out in January. Wright said he hopes to distribute 10,000 copies a week -- and that every copy should be free.

While many residents applaud Wright's efforts, others say the magazine puts targets on those who have already served their sentences.

"It's going to harm a lot of people," said one man convicted of molesting his daughter. "It's going to profile people and everyone's going to start looking for these people."

However, when asked if he saw a positive side to the magazine, he said, "It probably has an aspect of doing good. Maybe warning kids to stay away from the type of people like that."

Either way, Wright said he is not promoting vigilantism.

Clearly he is not able to understand the consequences of his actions, vigilantism comes when the public is incited by what they learn. To say this will not incite the public, tells me he simply he does not understand how vigilantism begins.

"We're not telling anyone to go out and hurt these people," Wright said. "We're just trying to keep you informed as to where these people are. Please don't do anything to them."

Wright said he is making every attempt to avoid publishing low-risk offenders -- for instance, those convicted of public urination.

He also said he hopes the 916 edition is only the beginning and will expand across the state region by region. The next project is the 415 edition, focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area. ..Source.. Nick Monacelli

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Dry_6 said...

This man must be a millionaire with more money than brains. The cost of prepress, printing and distribution is very expensive. However, people like this guy should be encouraged to exercise their right to free speech and the distribution of the public record. Once he sees that no one cares and he can't pay his rent...guess what? He will be homeless. If he doesn't go through with this magazine his name will be forever linked with trailer trash intelligence running off at the mouth with no possible strategy to support his cause.

Anonymous said...

Just like the folks who were sued for the "Just Busted" magazine, this man will ultimately be sued in the end, it's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I am in contact with "Corey". I am personally leading a team of people to collect every magazine that hits the streets, using my own funds. Any help would be appreciated. This is vigilantism at the core, taking the law into one's own hands. Here is an email I received from "Corey"

First thank you for the email, I totally understand where you are coming from and i am a person that believes in forgiveness.I commend you for taking responsibility and cleaning up your life.

I agree not every one on the list is dangerous...we are not connecting a level of danger to any record profiled in our publication.

What you fail to realize is we are not the State...We are a private company i decide whose photo is printed and whose photo stays out...give me a call and lets discuss your situation...i can be reached at 9164361768

Those are his exact words. What I find distubing is "I decide whose photos are printed and who stays out". I encourage all of you to write to this man and share your thoughts at or call him on the number he listed. He put it on a public website as well for contact else I would not have listed it here.

Anonymous said...

hi,my name is lotus i feel that there sex offender out there that what to hurt our kids....but there some on the list that made a wrong judgement to sleep with a minor,but and they get look at as a rapiest,and these girl go after these older men and cry rape.its very wrong they know its wrong to sleep with 21 and they 14