September 24, 2010

Police Arrest Sex Offender During Sunday Mass at St. Alexander

This is unbelievable...
9-24-2010 Illinois:

A parishioner's complaint prompted police to arrest a convicted sex criminal from Orland Park during Sunday services on Sept. 19.

Police arrested a registered sex offender at St. Alexander Church's Sunday Mass after a parent noticed the man among the worshipers.

___, 38, of the 13600 block of South Howe Drive in Orland Park, was inside the Palos Heights church but outside of the sanctuary when police took him into custody on Sept. 19, police said.

The same main entrance is used for both the church and St. Alexander Elementary School, and that was grounds for arrest, police said.

___ is charged with unlawful presence within a school zone.

"At no time were any kids harmed," said Palos Heights police Detective Gerard Wodka. ..Source.. Dan Lambert


George said...

Welcome to the USSA!

Book38 said...

This is all of our fault. This is the result of RSO's hiding instead of standing against the treatment they are pushing against us. We can still reclaim it, but it's going to take EVERYBODY to start fighting back.

esther said...

This is indicative of an ill-conceived system gone awry. I cannot believe this is happening in this country. Everyone caught up in this eventually must speak up.

What's next?