September 1, 2010

Father of Well Known Kidnapping Victim Stumps For Those Still Missing

Are folks now seeing the "Give me, give me, donations" which are being spent to support these advocates and not for effective legislation, are a waste of time and money when folks need it to live day to day?
9-1-2010 Missouri:

Ed Smart's Daughter, Elizabeth, Has Been Found, So Many Others Have Not

ST. LOUIS, MO ( - Stopping sex offenders before they strike. Ed Smart whose daughter Elizabeth was taken from their Utah home, joined local parents Tuesday night to push for tougher laws. Ed Smart and Ahmad Rivazfar are on a cross country bike tour ("Ride for Their Lives")to encourage lawmakers to throw the book at convicted sex offenders. Both Ed and Ahmad speak from the heart and from why didn't anyone go to Kiener Plaza to listen?

Ed Smart replied "Sometimes we don't like hear about these stories."

But for nine months the disappearance of Elizabeth Smart captivated the country. Elizabeth was found but the faces of those who haven't been were displayed in Downtown St. Louis.

Ed Smart is now on a crusade to stop the suffering.

"We are pushing to try and keep other families from going through the same nightmare," said Smart.

But the crowd at Kiener plaza was so small for such a powerful message.

"The abuse, the molestation and these other horrible things that our children went through happen everyday and all the time," said Smart.

Ahmad Rivazfar knows the pain.

"The bad guys are all over," said Rivazfar.

A sex offender raped and killed his 6-year-old daughter.

"If I could bring my daughter back I would ride around the globe," said Rivazfar.

Instead Ahmad and Ed are riding across the U.S. They're on a one month 35-hundred mile bike tour speaking to anyone that will listen.

Shannon Tanner said, "Everyone has to take this seriously. We are not the only ones whose kids will be lost. The mayor and lawmakers their kids are not safe from predators."

Tanner's daughter Bianca Piper vanished five years ago.

Theda Thomas's son Christian Ferguson has been gone for 7.

"All I can do is stand up for the memory of my son and others," said Thomas.

Mark Lunsford said, "My daughter was raped and murdered and buried alive 150 feet from her bedroom."

Lunsford's daughter Jessica was killed by a convicted sex offender in Florida. 42 states have passed "Jessie's Law."

It's a no nonsense bill that locks sex offenders up for 25 years on a 1st offense. Lunsford is still waiting for Missouri and Illinois join in. ..Source.. Michelle Anselmo


Anonymous said...

If I would have to guess....people are getting tired of hearing the same ole rhetoric about sex offenders.

Our class of citizen has been pushed around ENOUGH!

Given this "Signal" from the population, it's time for RSO's and especially RSO's with families to STAND UP and fight back.

YOU "DON'T" have to take this treatment if your sentence has been completed!!

Anonymous said...

Im sorry that kids get hurt but what about the ones who get killed by drunk drivers now those laws are not tough enough and speaking why isnt there a national registry for drunk drivers.

Once Fallen said...

If anyone has read the Ride for their lives mission statement, it becomes clear they are raising money for lobbying, not to directly help children.

Just another SO said...

What offends me is the first sentence; "Stopping Sex Offenders before they strike." If the person hasn't done anything yet, how can they be a sex offender? Are they just going to start grabbing people and declaring them sex offenders? Who do these people think they are? What gives them the right to take their pain out on people who have no connection to them and who want nothing to do with them?