August 29, 2010

Mark Lundsford will be coming to several cities as part of a biker group, "Ride for Their Lives"

8-29-2010 National:

Mark Lundsford will be visiting several major cities with a Biker group known as "Ride for Their Lives."

OnceFallen has covered the claims being made by the biker group, which intends to raise $1,000,000.00 dollars for another group Mark is part of, The Surviving Parents Coalition.

I am sure it all has something to do with the Adam Walsh Act which an untold number of states are objecting to given enacting its provisions will violate a host of state laws, state judges decisions, and past court precedent, but, Congress is coercing the states by threatening them with a reduction in federal Bryne Grant crime fighting money if they do not enact AWA.

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Once Fallen said...

One of my Ohio friends is scratching their heads over the 100,000 RSOs in Ohio bit so I've devised a formula to determine how the Surviving Parents Coalition/ Ride for their lives came up with their known SOs statistics.

I sent an email to the "Ride for their lives" but I doubt they will respond.

I still don't see how they came up with 100,000 known sex offenders in Ohio.

My guess is this.

The NCMEC says 19,500 but I had seen reports as high as 28,000 including those in prison now.

Lets just assume they ALL have jobs. That would be 56,000 if you take the highest number.

Maybe then Ohio can do what Florida does and add dead, deported, and out-of-state sex offenders to the registry. That would bring it up to about 60,000.

Okay, I'm still 40k short here. What about those 100,000 missing sex offenders? If Ohio has 28,000 RSOs and the USA has 715,000 then Ohio has about 3% of all sex offenders, so that means there are about 3000 absconded sex offenders. So we have 63,000.

Ohio's got that "civil registry" crap, so we can tack on a few more. Lets just say 64,000 just in case.

64,001 because they should have put disgraced sexually harassing AG Mark Dann on it, you know.

Okay, we still have a problem. Perhaps we can re-add about 1000 people to that list who just came off because of pre-AWA classification. So now we're at 65,001.

Maybe we can go back and dig out old cases from people who were convicted of stuff in the 1950s too. We can add another 5000 to the list. I'm up to 70,001.

I know, let us proclaim those acquitted of sex offenses "guilty" instead. There should be another 2,000 there. 72,001.

Well, I was not supposed to do this because this is allegedly "known" sex offenders, but how about just "guess-timating" those who haven't gotten caught. Male teachers, coaches, pediatricians, Boy Scout troop leaders, priests, mentors, and the like are all potential pedos anyways, because John Walsh said so.


There are now 100,000 known sex offenders living in Ohio!