October 6, 2017

Cicero settles lawsuit over fatal police shooting for $3.1 million

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The Town of Cicero has settled a 5-year-old lawsuit over a fatal shooting by a police officer with a troubled past for $3.1 million.

Lawyers for the family of Cesar Munive have alleged the town never should have hired Officer Donald Garrity, who they say shot Munive while he was unarmed in July 2012. They say Garrity lied about being forced to resign from a previous police job in Berwyn, and they say he helped plant a gun to justify Munive’s death.

But neither side is admitting any liability in the settlement, according to a copy of the agreement filed in federal court Wednesday. The town insists Munive “was a bad guy,” and Garrity’s lawyer says another officer is alive today thanks to Garrity.

The settlement still needs the blessing of U.S. District Judge Jorge L. Alonso, who is scheduled to hear from the lawyers next week. The settlement agreement also requires the town to pay $400,000 in attorneys’ fees. A trial set for last July was canceled when the judge was told about the pending deal, records show.

“Cesar Munive was a known member of the Latin Counts Street Gang operating in Cicero,” Town spokesman Ray Hanania wrote in a statement. “He was a convicted felon on parole and was known to carry a weapon. Munive was a bad guy, destructive to the community who had threatened to kill people many times. Munive was a registered sex offender...Continued..

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