August 11, 2017

Teacher Accused of Sex with Students Gets Charges Thrown Out as Unconstitutional

8-11-17 Alabama:

An Alabama teacher accused of having sex with two of her students succeeded in having her charges thrown out on constitutional grounds, Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson confirmed Thursday.

Carrie Witt was facing potential prison time for allegedly having sex with two students between 16 and 19 years old while she taught at Decatur High School.

Witt had the two charges dismissed without prejudice, but the state can still refile the charges if done in an appropriate amount of time.

Thompson noted in his ruling that students can consent to sex under state law once they turn 16 unless someone uses a "position of authority" to "coerce, groom, or otherwise obtain the illegitimate consent of the alleged victims."

The judge found that while there may be a gap in power between teacher and student, it "clearly does not exist between every school employee and every student regardless of where that student is enrolled." ..Continued..

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