August 31, 2017

Man Kills Former Neighbor With Ax After Accusing Him Of Sexual Abuse: 'I Killed My Pedophile'

8-30-17 Minnesota:

A man allegedly murdered his former neighbor on Friday by chopping him up with an ax-like tool known as a splitting maul. Mitchell Edward Hoogenakker, 24, has been arrested for the death of 67-year-old John Gallagher. The murder marks the first homicide in Hopkins, Minnesota since 2009.

The wife of the victim said her husband was dragged out of the house by Hoogenakker, according to a CBS affiliate. Gallagher had reportedly filed a harassment restraining order against his alleged murderer last month.

“The neighbor used a tool (an ax) to forcibly chop through the door, confronted our victim, dragged him out of the house and subsequently our victim died of sharp force injuries in the front yard,” said Hopkins Police Sgt. Mike Glassberg.

A witness, who was renting from Gallagher, said he he could hear the sounds of the "impact" of a weapon on a body, according to an ABC affiliate. Police said they found Gallagher dead, lying on the front yard "with numerous wounds to his back and head, including a large hole in his skull which revealed his brain."

Police said Hoogenakker made sexual abuse accusations against the victim in the past. However, nothing was ever prosecuted.

Jo Vela, Hoogenakker’s roommate, said that Hoogenakker confessed to him on Friday morning. ..Continued..

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