July 26, 2017

Sex offenders now pay the cost of supervision

7-26-17 Wyoming:

Previous source of cash has run dry, so the state charges registrants for every change of status.

A new Wyoming law means sex offenders must now pay to register or make changes to their registration. If they ignore the new law, they’re subject to criminal charges.

It’s a big change for both offenders and law enforcement. In Teton County, where many residents are transient, the law was already tough to enforce.

“Say we get a tourist come in from out of town who isn’t currently registered in Wyoming,” Teton County Sheriff’s Sgt. Todd Stanyon said. “It’s going to cost them $150 bucks to register with us for initial registration. Say they stay for two weeks. Then when they deregister to tell us they’re leaving, they’re going to have to pay the $31.25.” ..Continued..

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