April 30, 2017

Prescott starts new program to monitor sex offenders

This system is excessive, infringing on several personal rights esp. for folks no longer required to register.
4-30-17 Arizona:

Sex offenders living in the City of Prescott are now under an additional layer of supervision.

As of April 1, the Prescott Police Department has implemented a monthly verification system called the Sex Offender Accountability Program (SOAP).

This system, used to monitor all sex offenders within the city — no matter their risk assessment level,
pertains to offenders who are registered, inactive, absconders and those currently incarcerated, according to a news release put out by PPD Chief Deborah Black.

The new initiative can be traced back to Black’s experience as the former police chief in Glendale, where a similar program was and still is in place.

“She’s bringing things up that she has seen successes with and wants to implement those up here,” said Dave Fuller, PPD Public Information Officer.

On Feb. 14, there were about 89 active registered sex offenders in the city. As of April 17, that number has dropped to 82, partially due to SOAP, the release said.

“Already we have contacted or located several (sex offenders) with warrants that have been arrested, and we have also found out that several are out of compliance, so we will be pursuing those through the court system,” said Deputy Chief Amy Bonney.

The program is a significant shift from what PPD was doing before.

“Previously, if there was a violation that was brought to our attention, we would certainly investigate it, but we didn’t have this level of accountability built in on a regular basis,” Bonney said.

Police departments are not required to randomly check on sex offenders, but they are at liberty to do so as often as they deem necessary. ..Continued.. by Max Efrein

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