February 3, 2017

Nevada attorney general wants tougher lifetime rules for sex offenders

2-3-17 Nevada:

CARSON CITY — Attorney General Adam Laxalt said Thursday he has requested legislation to allow the state’s parole system to impose additional lifetime conditions on sex offenders.

Assembly Bill 59, drafted by Laxalt’s office, comes because of the McNeill v. State Nevada Supreme Court ruling in which the state Board of Parole Commissioners was found to not have the authority to put certain conditions on sex offenders. Proposed conditions in the legislation include searches of an offender’s residence and property without warrants, curfew requirements and requirements to participate in programs.

“Dangerous offenders threaten our communities every day, and this bill was drafted with the safety of all Nevadans in mind,” Laxalt said in a statement. “If passed into law, AB 59 would not only allow for more supervision of sex offenders, but would specify offenses that prosecutors could use to charge sex offenders who violate the law.”

The additional conditions mirror rules for sex offenders released in other situations, such as probation or parole. All are intended to increase community safety, Laxalt’s office said.

Other proposed conditions include requiring a probation and parole officer to approve an offender’s employment and volunteer positions and drug tests.

In the Nevada Supreme Court case, the court ordered a new trial for a homeless sex offender, ruling that the state parole board can’t impose restrictions not specified in state law.

The offender, Steve McNeill, was convicted in Las Vegas of not complying with terms set by the board and his parole and probation officer. Terms included a nightly curfew, subjecting to urinalysis, attending counseling, paying fees and having a job. ..Source.. by Ben Botkin

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