November 5, 2016

Georgia Senate Sexual Offender Registry Study Committee Meets for First the First Time

11-5-16 Georgia:

DADE COUNTY, Georgia. (WDEF)- Thursday was the first meeting of the Senate Sexual Offender Registry Study committee. Members met to review ways of monitoring activities of sexual offenders in the state of Georgia.

“We want to make sure rule Georgia has a say in what we do in Atlanta for our state laws too.We want to make sure that we find the right temperament. We find the right grounds to improve our child predator laws. We want to make sure our children our safe in Georgia and America”, said Georgia senator Jeff Mullis.

Members of the Senate Sexual Offender Registry Study Committee met in Dade County to work towards strengthening how sex offenders are monitored.

Dade County law enforcement said they manage 31 sex offenders in the area.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is responsible for managing the sex offender registry.

They informed the committee about how the site operates, what information can be accessed on the site and what they do to ensure every offender is registered.

Committee members said they are working towards upgrading several child predator laws.

“We believe by the time we get to our legislative session we’ll have a bill in place ready to present to the legislature”, said Mullis. ..Source..

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