February 2, 2016

NY Bill Would Require Advance Notice of Sex Offender Relocation

2-2-16 New York:

The New York Senate passed a bill requiring the state to notify government officials and school leaders when sex offenders are transferred from a state facility to a community program or residence in their municipality.

According to the bill, it would require notification to take place no later then 10 calendar days prior to the transfer.

Community leaders should not find out about the transfer of potentially dangerous sex offenders after they have been moved into a neighborhood, which has been the case in my district and elsewhere," Senator Patrick Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) said. "The state has an obligation to notify local officials about the transfer of sex offenders into a community program so that they have ample time to properly address public concerns and potential security issues. The only way to do that is for the state to share this information with local officials.”

The bill has been sent to the Assembly. ..Source.. by Joe Gullo

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