December 22, 2015

Small Towns Change Sex Offender Laws

12-22-15 Texas:

For most parents, sex offenders are something that is always in the back of their mind. but it's not always an easy subject to discuss.

"That’s no good."

Last week city councils from around 50 small towns in Texas had to sit down to discuss the uncomfortable subject, after they received a letter from the advocacy group Texas Voices For Reason and Justice, threatening a lawsuit against their current laws for sex offenders.

"I don't want sex offenders near any of our schools or small towns."

And neither did the City of Whitewright. The town's Mayor Alan West says their town's laws had sex offenders living 1,500 feet from schools.

But after receiving the letter from T.V.R.J they realized they were going to have to shorten it by 500 feet allowing sex offenders to move closer to the schools.

"We're a class A general law city and being that we cannot exceed the states standards."

Texas State standards say a sex offender has to live 1,000 feet from a school and since the city of Whitewright has less than 5,000 people they are un able to exceed state standards.

"The ordinance that was listed included up to 15 foot from schools and daycares and state statue is one thousand so we repealed it so it would be in compliance with our state regulations."

The City of Pottsboro and Gunter also received the lawsuit letter making them reduce their restrictions to one thousand. But as for the City of Whitewright Mayor West say there is nothing residents need to worry about. ..Source.. by

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