November 18, 2015


Another foolish lawmaker that needs to be recalled. His proposal does nothing to protect anyone, and he does so only to foster his position with the public.
11-18-15 New York:

Assemblyman says Level One offenders will be taken off the list

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook-21st AD) today called for the extension of the statewide sex offender registry that requires registration for Level One sex offenders who registered in 1996. Curran said these individuals were the first offenders to register with the system and were required to register on the statewide registry for a 10-year period at that time. This was extended in 2006 for an additional 10 years, for a total of 20 years, which ends in January of next year. Curran noted that a new roster of Level One sex offenders entered into the registry today would be required to register for a 20-year period, ending in 2035.

“While the registry itself is not expiring, the requirement for offenders who have been registered since 1996 for the 20-year period is. Therefore, those Level One offenders will be taken off the list next year because the law suggests they have done their time,” said Curran, a father of four. “I am calling on the legislature to enact another 10-year extension (for a total of 30 years) of this requirement; this should have been done before the end of last session. The safety of our communities is imperative for our children and families. As a parent, I would like to know who is moving into my community or who will be my neighbors upon settling in an area. It’s an unfortunate stigma to be classified as a sex offender, but it is better for everyone in the communities in which we live.”

Curran said he is signing on to be a sponsor of Assembly Bill 908, which requires the registration of sex offenders for the duration of their life, regardless of risk classification, as well as Assembly Bill 8503, which requires certain Level One sex offenders to register for life, allowing them to petition for release of the registry after 30 years of registration. ..Source.. by Press Release

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