October 29, 2015

Sheriff posts warning signs

This is nothing more than further punishment by local police who are not mandated to do this! Folks who would like to start a legal action to stop this pratice please contact legal@floridaactioncommitee.org
10-29-15 Florida:

According to Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper, this is the first year NCSO will put up signs to warn trick-or-treaters to avoid the homes of registered sexual predators in Nassau County.

Leeper sent out a news release Monday showing him personally posting one of the signs. Leeper wrote in an email to the News-Leader that it was “suggested by a few residents within our county that law enforcement provide additional public notice of where these sexual predators live, especially with Halloween approaching.”

“By law, sexual predators are not to participate in any Halloween activities and are not allowed to have outside lights on or give out candy to children,” Leeper wrote in his release.

The warning signs were provided by the Nassau County Road & Bridge Department, Leeper said, at no cost to the Sheriff’s Office, and will be taken down after Halloween. Leeper said detectives at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office conduct routine checks on the 12 sexual predators who currently reside in Nassau County, to make sure they are staying where they are registered to live, and that they follow all the laws that govern them.

“The Sheriff’s Office has an obligation by state law and county ordinance to notify the public when a sexual predator moves into Nassau County and the location where they live,” Leeper wrote in an email. “Residents are notified in the neighborhood and the sexual predator’s name, photo and address is also placed on the Sheriff’s Office website. ..Source.. by Angela Daughtry

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