September 16, 2015

Tonight at 9pm: Inside the Mind of a Sex Offender

9-16-15 Arkansas:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Fox16 Investigates continues in a year-long investigation we began in July 2014 with an exclusive interview to delve inside the mind of a sex offender. Our initial investigations led to immediate changes in the sex offender registry and expanded information the public is able to learn about high-risk sex offenders who might move in next door.

In July 2014, members of the Power Pack Ministries Church reached out to Fox16 News, claiming their pastor had committed forgery and had changed his name to go undetected as a convicted sex offender.

Fox16 Investigator Marci Manley dug through court records, parole records and the sex offender laws to uncover that Bishop Jacob Taylor was, in fact, a Level 3 sex offender convicted under the name of Carlos Norwood in 2004.

Manley’s investigation uncovered Taylor/Norwood had been working in churches since his release from prison, with Little Rock Police confirming he failed to report those activities to them as required by law.

Manley’s digging uncovered an oversight in the sex offender registry. The online registry is required by law to report aliases for sex offenders. But when Manley and the public attempted to search the registry for the name of Jacob Taylor, no results were found, because his sex offender profile was only linked to the name of Carlos Norwood.

Following a series of investigations, the oversight was corrected, Taylor/Norwood was sent back to prison on a parole revocation, and he faces new charges of failing to register as a sex offender.

Tonight, Manley continues her investigation with an exclusive interview with Taylor/Norwood, who dodged answering questions during the initial stories. He now wants to tell his side. He considers himself, now, a civil rights leader with plans to march on Washington, D.C.

Over the next two nights, we delve into his claims regarding a wrongful conviction a system he believes set him up and whether red flags for a sex offender assessment team that labeled him a high-risk offender should serve as red flags for the public who might come into contact with a man who believes he’s the next Martin Luther King, Jr. ..Source.. by

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