August 25, 2015

Deputies: Registered sex offender arrested for church service involvement

It is very likely they have state laws as to starting churches, and did he follow them? Apparently he did find someone to be Pastor, but did he know the background? Police when tipped off then setup a sting of sorts, then finding he is violating a registry law. Then it all falls down..
8-24-15 North Carolina:

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. — An undercover sting inside a Burke County church ended with the arrest of a registered sex offender.

Deputies said they began investigating registered sex offender Kenneth Lee Cagle, 53, two months ago when they received complaints that he was starting a church.

Cagle was convicted of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor almost a decade ago, officials said.

Deputies found that Cagle had successfully opened a church where he served as a church elder and led part of church services. His involvement in the church is a violation of state law, according to deputies.

During a traffic stop after a church service on Sunday, deputies charged Cagle with sex offender employment violation and being a sex offender with a child on the premises.

Leon Hoyle, the church's pastor, described the undercover officer as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Hoyle doesn't believe they put any children in danger and said families knew about Cagle’s conviction.

Cagle said he will never get beyond his past.

"It's sad. You'd think a church be about the only place, the last place they wouldn't want you to go," Cagle said.

Reporter Dave Faherty stood with the Hoyle and family members as Cagle was released from jail Monday.

The pastor said for now Cagle will not be allowed to attend services.

Family members said they are petitioning the court to have him removed from the sex offender registry. ..Source.. by

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