August 13, 2015

Beckley woman arrested for failure to register as sex offender

If it is true, and I doubt it, that passwords are required, then the state needs to be sued for invasion of privacy. Everyone is permitted to remain anonymous to exercise their Free Speech rights.

UPDATE: As we thought, passwords are NOT required! Search to see what is required..will the media get anything right?
8-13-15 West Virginia:

West Virginia State Police have arrested Carrie Jo Bevel, 26, of Beckley for failing to register as a sex offender. She was arrested on probationary violations along with 3 felony counts of Failure to Register Sex Offender.

Bevel is a registered sex offender in Raleigh County and must register due to a conviction of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault involving a 5-year-old female in Marshall County, WV. She must register for life due to the victim being minor.

Bevel was originally picked up Wednesday on a probationary hold, involving urinalysis violations. During that time it was discovered that she had failed to register internet account information as required. She was arrested on 3 felony counts of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, all first offenses with a potential 1-5 year sentence each count.

Sex offenders are required register internet information to include registering internet providers and accounts, emails, usernames and passwords associated with any internet accounts. Registered sex offenders are also not allowed to maintain Facebook accounts and Bevel had further acquired a Facebook account under a name different than her own.

Bevel was remanded to the Southern Regional Jail, awaiting arraignment on the felony charges and subsequent probationary violation hearing. ..Source.. by

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