July 22, 2015

What happened to news articles about sex offender issues?

7-2-2013 National:

It was just over 2 years ago that Google stopped their Google Reader service and I wrote about the effect that would have on sex offender advocacy; no need to repeat all the reasons news is needed for advocacy. Google Alerts kinda replaced Google Reader but does not have all the functions of Google Reader; Google Alerts are a really poor replacement but better than nothing (we have just over 100 setup).

Well here we are today wondering whats happening to News about issues surrounding sex offender laws and the registrants required to follow them? Where is the news? We are checking our Google Alerts when they show up, but, that is the problem, at best we are getting 3-5 a day when we used to get 100 or more.

Figuring the problem is Google Alerts we decided to try doing the Alerts by hand, a very time consuming task. Guess what the news just isn't being found in Google Searches, yes there are those which are very old or on topics like new crimes, and even those are few.

So it appears we have hit a slump in news, Journalists are just not writing about sex offender issues, so it seems. Has the world become complacent about these issues? Are articles written, if any, not generating enough income to spend time writing them? We just don't know.

Its summertime and that does account for slow news, but allowing for that, where do we go from here?

ACTION ALERT: Folks that do find a local article on sex offender issues, please forward the link so we can post for other folks. Please send links to eAdvocate@yahoo.com
We will keep readers updated on this essential topic. Stop back from time to time.

Thanks, we appreciate input, thoughts or suggestions.

PS: We are also monitoring Campus issues, and one issues is related to being drunk on campus. Well here is that big news today "'Drunk' squirrel reportedly causes damage in U.K. pub"

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