July 3, 2015

New state law provides more oversight for sex offenders

UPDATE 7-4: A great reader reminds us they dropped the "password" requirement before passage. see #17

7-3: Unfortunately there is no known advocate in TN fighting nonsensical laws. Lawmakers failed to do their research, in Georgia lawmakers also tried to force registrants to provide passwords, but federal court issued an injunction which stopped the state from requiring passwords. see White v Baker. Also in Utah the "password" issue -along with several others- was taken to court; the case ultimately ended in the U.S. Supreme court. However, the legislature REMOVED the password requirement along the way so that issue did not goto the high court but other issues did. See Doe v Shurtleff. Apparently lawmakers have little respect for rights of registrants! Makes one wonder how they got elected.
7-3-5 Tennessee:

ACKSON, Tenn. -- A new state law grants greater oversight on registered sex offenders who use social media.

Previously, sexual offenders had to provide the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation with their email addresses and screen names.

Now the law requires all registered offenders to provide email addresses plus usernames and passwords to all Internet accounts.

Local law enforcement said they hope the changes will increase safety for everyone.

"It's serious, and we talk about it all the time," said Madison County Sheriff John Mehr. "Children will get on the computer, they will chat with people when they think it's their age and in fact the person is 40 years old."

The sheriff also said this is a small step in the social media requirements for registered sex offenders. More changes are expected in the future. ..Source.. by WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff

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