June 13, 2015

Sex Offender Detection System Headed To Woburn Schools

Given registered sex offenders (RSO) must pick up their own children, perfectly legal. And, there hasn't been a single reported school crime by a RSO accessing a school system, in history. This system is a complete waste of money and resources.
6-12-15 Massachusetts:

The Raptor System scans government I.D.s in hopes of keeping potentially harmful individuals out of schools.

This September, a security system designed to keep undesirables away from children shall be installed at some Woburn elementary schools, according to a report from the Daily Times Chronicle.

The school board voted in an almost $18,000 expenditure for the Raptor System, a web-based program in which a scan of any form of government identification reveals if the individual is a registered sex offender in any of the 50 states, says DTC.

“The Raptor System is a way of identifying people who visit our schools,” said School Committee Chairman Dr. John Wells, according to DTC. “[Visitors] will provide a driver’s license, and if there’s any issues with them, the principals will work to see if they’re [allowed to be on school grounds].”

Other officials who spoke to DTC claimed the Raptor’s initial cost, as well as the $5,000 - $6,000 annual service and software fees, won’t impact the school’s budget.

Though it is primarily used to detect sex offenders, the Raptor System can also point out individuals with restraining orders against them, custody issues, suspended or expelled students, or those accused of being gang members. It can even be used to monitor students and employees, so administration knows when they arrive on campus, how long they’re there, and when they leave on a day-to-day basis.

Much more detail in the original story here. ..Source.. by Barry Thompson

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